RenderLife Production Code

Before we had solidified our Production Code, we approached top 3D Creative Directors, Production and Account Managers, and top 3D artists; for infomation on what they wanted. Our goal was to ensure that we would carry only the finest production-ready assets. The Production Code provides you with basic technical guidelines, so you can focus on what you love most - creating.

Our Curators enforce these standards, and you will be notified when we receive your art, when it has successfully been posted to the marketplace, or when it needs adjustments. RenderLife ensures that all models are showcased so that potential buyers can seamlessly integrate them into their workflow. We provide 100% Customer Service Guarantee.

General Summary

Models representing a real-life object must replicate the object precisely. When building models, the placement of quads should create a clean topology and good edge flow only using triangles where absolutely needed. We don't like n-gons, and neither should you.

Keep in mind - strive to create assets that are clean and efficient! Use common sense when naming assets/components/textures/etc...and when laying out topology and UVs. Ensure that materials and rigs are as simple as possible for ease of understanding and manipulation. If customers enjoy working with the assets you create they will come back looking to purchase more of your work.

File Formats


RenderLife accepts standard AutoDesk 3DStudioMax and Maya files. When naming your files, be clear and concise.



The topology of the components must flow well with an efficient use of polygons. All components need to be named uniquely and appropriately using common sense.

Real-Life Scale And Orientation


Objects must be set at 0, 0, 0 and oriented in the appropriate 'up' direction with the appropriate scaling.

Textures and Materials


Textures should be set at the appropriate dimensions. All texture files and component materials need to be named appropriately for the object assigned and done so using common sense. UV space should be used efficiently.


The rigging must operate as designed.

If you’ve built custom rigging, please supply ‘how to’ documentation (.pdf or .txt) that is included in your model archive (.zip or .rar).


Looping animations must loop smoothly.

No glitches when animation is played.

Animations need to supply frame per second and frame length in the model description.

Preview Image Standards


Preview images should showcase your work clearly and professionally.
Preview images should be in 700x490 resolution.
Preview images should feature 3/4 views, be evenly lit, and presented on a white background.

File Naming & Organization


File names should be informative and representative of the object. Ensure that the category and associated tags are chosen correctly.

Prohibited Uses

Models purchased from RenderLife may NOT be used for resale.

Models RenderLife deems pornographic, obscene, defamatory or libellous in nature are unacceptable.

Models depicting a person endorsing a product, service or business are prohibited.

Sub-licensing, reselling, lending or otherwise distributing purchased models is strictly prohibited.

No personal contact information can be shared within the model.

RenderLife Reserves The Right To Reject Any Models That Violate The Above Production Code.

Thank you for agreeing to work within the RenderLife Production Code parameters. The Production Code ensures that both artists and buyers operate in a user-friendly, professional environment. Thank you for being part of the RenderLife community.